I’m a Perfect Wife Material Because I Have Body and Sense – Hajia Bintu (+Video)

Hajia bintu has made a post on social media and netizens can’t comment on this particular post because it about marriage.

In this era, most dumb ladies go under the knife just to enhance their body to attract men. From kind courtesy of Dr. Obengfo likes has made body enhance easy to acquire these days.

Most ladies has cover up their sense with their body so society has conclude that ladies with big backside don’t have sense.

Which I dough because media personality like Jocelyn Dumas and others have the backside and also have sense. Hajia bintu who is known for her big backside has squeeze herself in the category ‘backside with sense’ online.

Internet sensation and model made it clear that, she is a perfect wife material because she has the body and sense which is the kind of qualities most men want from a lady.

Watch the video below;


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