Doing Face Make-Up Is Not A Sin – Obaapa Christy Says

Ghanaian gospel artiste, Obaapa Christy is a firm adherent that corrective enhancements, for example, cosmetics are innocuous in seeing God, ceteris paribus!

Hence, she sees no issue with beauty care products and is baffled regarding why certain people are spreading bogus news that women who use cosmetics will consume and spoil in hellfire on day of atonement.

Obaapa Christy made this declaration in babble with Nana Romeo on Accra100.FM that the most fundamental thing for a Christian is to carry on with a daily existence that satisfies God.

“Somebody once cautioned me that Makeup was horrible and abhorrent and that individuals who utilized it would get lost, yet she is the person who currently wears substantial Makeup and uncovered her hands and cleavage.”

“What I’m attempting to pass on is that watch what you say; since you don’t have the foggiest idea how to put on cosmetics doesn’t mean it’s horrible.

“What decides if something is acceptable or awful is the inspiration driving it. Regardless of the way that I’ve put on cosmetics and am addressing God’s kids, I haven’t made up to sin to praise God.”

There have been a few splitting perspectives between Christians in Ghana regarding the matter of cosmetics. As others belive cosmetics is sin, others particularly Obaapa Christy is persuaded past each uncertainty that God sees nothing off about cosmetics.

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