See What This Pastor Is Doing To A Married Woman With Big “B@ckside” During Deliverance [Watch Now]

Nowadays, these one-man churches have been doing the most when it comes to deceiving vulnerable congregants with their fake scriptures and delusional miracles.

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They use their deceitful and tricky means to earn money from their Church members not only money so they get but also some go to the extent of having an affair with the ladies in their church.

Many at times have these Pastors been caught in such opprobrium and these men of God are actually not worth it.

However, a video has been captured online where as a Pastor was s3ducing a curvaceous lady who came to him for deliverance. He was seen holding the the lady’s backside and doing all sort of unpleasant stuff.

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Watch the video below;

Also DOwnload

Based on the policy privacy by advertisers, the video can’t be uploaded here. CLICK HERE to join our TELEGRAM group and watch the full video.

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