6 Ways To Keep A Girlfriend Without Giving Her Money

These relationship tips are for men who are managing ladies who are continually requesting cash for a certain something or the other.

Before we get into the bare essential of what you need to do to try not to binge spend your cash on her and furthermore simultaneously keeping her keen on the relationship, recollect that Giving Out Money is a Financial Decision, not an Emotional Decision.

It implies you ought to never permit your feelings or how you think you love that woman or lady to be the main impetus behind your monetary choices. At the point when you fail, you will then, at that point, acknowledge love is feeling, cash is finance.

Admonition: These tips are not intended to make you unfeeling toward the difficulties of your lady nor is it intended to show you how to turn into a closefisted person.

Five Ways To Refuse Giving Her Money:

1, Do Not Reveal Your Financial Status: How Much You Make and What You Have

Numerous men rush to gloat and lay down a good foundation for themselves to ladies as somebody fit for purchasing anything cash can bear. You might be correct, you have the bucks.

Be that as it may, you are committing a major error by uncovering to this woman the amount you make, the cash you have in your ledger and the extravagant belongings you own. For what reason will you do that? You don’t have to flaunt.

f this woman doesn’t have her cash or pride, she will continually ask you for cash since you have uncovered to her completely that you have cash. So from the start of the relationship, don’t rush to uncover your funds.

2, Teach her an Alternative Ways For Her To Make Money on her own

In the event that you end up with a woman who is continually asking you for cash, you ought to consider proposing to her elective methods of bringing in cash. Maybe, she is down and out, jobless and prepared to work.

On the off chance that you can set her up or assist her with getting a new line of work, it will go far to prevent her from asking you for cash on the ordinary since she likewise has a method for money.

Imagine a scenario where she isn’t prepared to work or do whatever gets cash. Indeed, for what reason would you say you are as yet involved with her? Obviously, she is a lethargic lady.

3, Anything Your Girlfrien Ask You For Money Just Tell Her “You Need Time To Think About It”

As a matter of fact, you don’t owe her. You don’t should be constrained by her desperation to give her cash when you are not prepared.

Continuously advise her to allow you 24 hours to mull over everything. This time ought to permit you to consider the chance of giving her that cash or not. In case she’s restless, odds are she is simply prepared to drain you.

Return following 24 hours and permit her to comprehend that you are not in the situation to help her. You don’t need to really regret how she feels about it. It’s your cash, man.

4, The Relationship should not Always Be Money; Offer Help In Different Ways

You should discover various methods of aiding her. For example, you can give her a ride to a spot she may require cash for admission to reduce expense.

You don’t should be harsh toward her issues yet it additionally doesn’t mean you need cash to settle each issue. Once in a while, she may simply require you to visit her at home and sit by her. Offering enthusiastic help can be extremely valuable and help her in exceptionally critical circumstances.

Along these lines, the following time she requests cash, don’t censure her. Straightaway consider alternate methods of aiding her without you giving her immediate money.

5, Have A Budget

What does having a spending plan in a relationship mean? All things considered, you need to have a financial plan to direct you on the amount you can spend on her taking everything into account.

For example, in the event that she demands you to take her shopping, you ought to have a financial plan of the amount you are prepared to spend. Tell her the amount you have and why she needs to purchase things that don’t surpass the financial plan.

Consistently, you can save some cash for herself and do whatever it takes NOT to spend more than you have planned.

6, Date With A Wise Woman

Insight is invaluable and in the event that you have a lady who is shrewd and worried about your funds, you won’t need to make a fuss over the amount you need to spend on her.

This ought not transform you into a recluse or parsimonious person. No! Be that as it may, when you have a woman who works, brings in her cash and is worried about the relationship beyond what she could make from it, you are on the definite way to progress.

Tracking down an astute lady ought to likewise encourage you to zero in on her and move away from pursuing different ladies. Pursuing more than one lady will unquestionably have a cost for your wallet and you will go belly up well before acknowledging it.

Most of these tips were given by Jessica Opare Saforo on her Youtube channel.

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