Young Boy Shows Off An 83 Years White Lady Online

A video going viral on social media captures the moment a young Nigerian school dropout locked lips with his 83-year-old girlfriend.

The young boy believed to be in his 17s after the video went viral has become a topic for discussion after flaunting the woman who could be his great grandparent.

From what is gathered from sources, the young guy and his 83-year-old lover met on the internet a couple of months ago and have since been the best for themselves as the video proved so.

It was first, the white old lady was hesitant about giving her love to the guy because of the many fraudsters on the internet hence she traveled all the way from the UK to meet him in person in Nigeria.

After they meet up, she fell in love with him and has since been showering him with all sorts of expensive gifts as her boyfriend.

Watch The Video Below;

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