Vals Day Wahala; Lady Filmed Sitting On A Bucket Of Hot Water After Vals Day [Watch Now]

A pretty lady has been spotted sitting on a bucket of hot water with vapour emanating from it in what is believed to be the aftermath of her Valentine’s Day date.

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In the video sighted on Instagram, the young lady was seen seated in what looked like her living room while seated on a black bucket.

It is believed that the black bucket was filled with hot water which had vapour emanating from it.

The young lady had a towel wrapped around her body as she endured the heat that was coming from the bucket.

What has come to be known by many as vaporisation, – a practice of sitting on a bucket of hot water for comfort- is what the lady was seen doing.

In the video, the lady was seen taking a break from the heat she was enduring as she stood for a while and showed a sign of discomfort on her face.

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The video which was posted by Instagram page was captioned: “Vals day is over. yɛyɛ y3 ho aduro.”

Watch the video below;

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