Ashawos Drop Their Prices By 15% On This Val’s day – [See Price List and Location]

The s*.x workers have reduced their charges by 15% this Valentine’s day. One Adwoa Honey who claims to be the Deputy Secretary of the s*x workers union said;

‘Everywhere you go they say the v@g!na of Kumasi, Accra and Takoradi girls is sweeter than honey. But the men can’t afford our services any more due to economic hardship’.
‘So what are we going to do?, Adwoa Honey asked and added, ‘the p_u.$$y must work. We need money to pay our bills, rent, buy san!tary pad and pay our tithe.
So this Valentine we have decided to reduce our charges by 15%’.
Below are the new charges:
5 Mins. (with C0/nd0m) — Ghc 10.00
5 Mins. (Without C0/nd0m)—Ghc 15.00
10 Mins. (With C0/nd0m) —Ghc 20.00
10 Mins. (Without C0/nd0m) —Ghc 25.00
Full day Service—Ghc 100.00
Half day Service —Ghc 75.00
Special Massage (3 ladies) —Ghc 200.00
Home Service —Ghc 300.00
S*x in darkness/ car—Ghc 500.00

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