Watch Pokimane Open Shirt Leaked Video On Twitter And Reddit

Watch Pokimane Open Shirt Leaked Video On Twitter And Reddit; Malfunction on Twitch Stream (Video).

Pokimane is one of the biggest streamers on the internet, with millions of followers across multiple platforms, and is widely considered one of the face of Twitch.

During a live stream on Nov. 15, the anchor left her computer for a while, and when she returned, her shirt was open, allowing viewers to see her br3@sts.

“Hi, so I have a science question for everyone,” she said, before appearing to realize she’d had her boobs unplugged. Pokimane’s Overwatch 2 stream paused after a wardrobe glitch.

Clips of the event were quickly removed, as was the VOD, but some users were quick to grab the footage and share it on Reddit.

“Seeing this clip feels illegitimate,” one commented. However, many expressed concern for the Moroccan and said they felt sorry for her after an “embarrassing” wardrobe malfunction.

The streamer has not yet addressed the incident on Twitter, and it is unclear if she will have any repercussions from Twitch, e.g. B. A possible ban.

Astonishingly, the incident came just days after Pokimane reported that she had been caught up in a scam by a fake lingerie company trying to trick them into sending photos of her.



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