Watch Hidden CCTV Camera Of Fitting Room H&M Viral Video Leaked On Twitter

Watch Hidden CCTV Camera Of Fitting Room H&M Viral Video Leaked On Twitter (Full Video).

A woman has alleged that irresponsible Malaysians are selling videos of individuals changing in fitting rooms on the Internet

The woman, @meleisgw, tweeted that she is traumatised after discovering an online seller on Twitter’s seedier underbelly, the Dark Side (DS), promoting videos of these innocent shoppers.

She also included a screenshot of the alleged seller’s online files for their buyers to view.

In the screenshot, five individuals can be seen in fitting rooms, believed to be in an outlet of a popular fashion retail brand, H&M.

“I found the picture floating around online and from my understanding, these videos are being sold on Twitter and people have already purchased them. Someone said these videos were originally advertised on the MeWe application,” the woman told SAYS.

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Several Twitter users have reached out to the woman, claiming that they have been victims of the alleged syndicate

One anonymous user claimed to be one of the victims in the screenshot and asked the woman where she got the image from.

“One of the people in that video is me, and it has caused embarrassment after the video was published publicly,” said the alleged victim.

“By the way, the fitting room is at H&M, if I am not mistaken. I bought a shirt from there, and the videos might have been filmed on 6 October 2022.”


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