Lady Teases Her Best Friend While Lying With Her Man

Video footage that captures the moment a side chic boldly told the main chick of the man she was in bed with that her boyfriend is good in bed.

The side chic after eating the almighty rod bragged about his prowess in bed and decided to notify Anita, the main chich of the guy in question.

In the video, the lady is seen lying on the bed with the dude and quickly switched her phone camera on and made a self-recording video reiterating that he’s too good in bed, both orally and otherwise.

In her teasing speech, the side advised the man’s unknown girlfriend, that she should come and take away her pant in the bathroom as directed by her boyfriend.

In her words;
“Anita I dey with your man, your man too sweet, your man sabi…. you get it? So your man say make I tell you make you come carry your pant wey you hang for that bathroom abeg, come pack am.”

Watch the video below;

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