I Received A Prophecy That My Son Will Be A Star – Yaw Tog’s Mother

The mother of Ghana’s youngest award-winning rapper and songwriter, Yaw Tog, has revealed that she had a prophecy about her son’s journey to stardom.

The mother, Joyce Mensah, said she is not surprised about her son’s sudden rise to stardom because the prophecy that came when Yaw Tog was young had it that he will become an important person in Ghana.

Mensah, however, did not know that her son’s prominence was tied to music because according to her, she thought Yaw Tog was going to become a footballer.

According to her, over 10 years ago when the prophecy was made, Yaw Tog was actively playing football, so much so that he would sometimes not want to go to school. He was playing football everyday and his friends called him champion.

But I did not like the neighbourhood where he was playing so I sometimes hide his boot and I would seize his ball, Yaw Tog’s mother recounted.

Raising Yaw alone as a woman was also a challenge for the mother, and this was one of the reasons he did not support him playing in that neighborhood.

This, she disclosed, got her worried over if the prophecy would be fulfilled at all.

She revealed that Yaw Tog was singing in church, and described her son as humble, calm, because he knows his background.

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