BECE Graduates Filmed “Chopping” Themselves After Their Last Paper [Watch Now]

Shortly after the Basic Education Certificate Examination, as usual there are a lot of  things the graduate do overly excited because they are done with basic school.

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They would be fighting and hurting others. Others being arrested and all sort of such acts. The cools one ones among stay cool and head to their homes.

The couples among would linger around until the environment becomes quite for them set their goals rolling.. One which is heard most among others.

A video in our possession has one male and female graduate, busily setting a couple goal on the stairs after the last paper.

Seeing such acts we are always filled with sorrow and advice but we wonder if the victims themselves care at all.

Well nothing could be done so we swallow our sorrows and keep to ourselves our advice.

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We hope someone out there can enlighten the young ones how valuable dignity is, because all they do is walk over it nowadays.

Watch video below;

Also DOwnload

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