18 Years Old SHS Girl Cries and Threatens Su!c!de After a Popular Musician Chopped and Dumped her (Video)

The lady, who claims to be from Tech, a Kumasi suburb, claims she met the artist on Instagram and the two became friends, but the musician told her she wasn’t mature enough to date him.

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She said that on one of these visits, the musician took pictures with her and posted them on her social media pages.

This led to a flood of insults, which she couldn’t take anymore, so she chose to k!1l herself.

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The musician acknowledged meeting Mary but denied being involved with her.

He said the woman just wanted to take pictures with him, but he said no because he didn’t know if she was telling the truth.

On second thought, he gave in to her request and took the photo with Mary, just like he does with his followers.


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