Man Sn@tch!ng Phone From A Man In Daylight On The Street

It has become rap!d currently how arm.ed r0.bb3rs are ransacking people on the street in broad daylight and it needs to be seriously looked at by the Ghana pol!ce.

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A video available to captures a moment when a man got r0bb3d of his phone by two ar.m3d r0.bbers in broad daylight when there availability of people passing at the moment.

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The young man in the video was seen making a call as he walked by when all of a sudden a young man sitting on a motorbike got down and pulled a gv.n on him with an order to give out his phone or be k!ll3.d which he obliged and gave out the phone.

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After taking the phone, the @rm3d rob.b?3rs sat back on the motor and drove off without being caught by the people who stood by very shocked and afraid to speak.

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