Man Filmed “Ch0p!ng” Someone’s Wife In The Bush [See More]

A 46-year-old man found himself in trouble after he was busted chewing a married woman in the bush on Monday.
Stanley Mutinda and Rael Mueni were spotted by a young boy who was looking after his father’s cattle in the fields.

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The boy then informed his elder colleagues who were similarly grazing their animals not far from him.

“One of the cows was heading to the bush and so I ran after it. When I reached the bush, I heard some funny noises, so I got curious and decided to check out what it was, that is when I saw them doing bad manners,” 12-year-old Musyoki naively explained.

The cheeky boys went back to the village and broke the news which saw locals mill around the thick bush that lies near a large field where young boys sharpen their soccer skills.

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They usually play using balls fashioned from polythene, rags and embroidered with thread.

Some of the elders in the village reached the scene and that is when they discovered the two love birds were stuck. They quickly summoned Mueni’s husband.

The angry husband could not hold his rage as he descended upon the duo. The crowd intervened and restrained him.

It was later discovered that the hubby had sought the services of native doctor after continuous rumours that she was cheating with several men in the village.

Mutinda on the other hand received a thorough beating as punishment and a warning not to get involved in such an act again.The two were later separated by the herbalist.

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