Man Catches Wife And B0yfriend Red- Handed “Chopping” Themselves On Their Matrimonial Bed [Watch Now]

A man was in for a sh0ck when he suddenly appeared to catch a man having $.ex with his wife on their matrimonial bed.

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The story which is emerging from Kenya adds that the side-boy Kamau, who is said to be a cab driver, was caught red-handed ‘giving it’ to someone’s wife in his matrimonial home.

According to online reports, Kamau visited the married woman’s house, thinking that her husband was out of the town for work.

However, luck eluded him as the woman’s husband who has been trailing for some time to satisfy his curiosity emerged at the scene and grabbed him.

The angry stormed the scene together with his friends who wielded a camera to capture the moment clearly as evidence.

“Who are you,?” the man of the house was heard asking Kamau while raining kicks and blows on him.

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Watch the video;


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