Slay Queen Cries Out After Her “B00b$” Implant Exploded [Watch Now]

We are in an era where many bodies are full of plastics and some have fat or liquid implant in their body to get the desired body they want.

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So many lady who don’t like their natural body go for implant in their b00bs and also their a$$ to make them look good. There are disadvantages of implant that can hurt the body and sometimes lead to d3ath.

In a video sighted by ViewGhana.Com, a white has been seen online crying like a new born baby after her b00bs implant exploded.

In the video you could see one b00b has burst and the other b00b is still standing. She didn’t tell what made t=her implant burst, she just showed it.

Girls should be cautious of what they do to their body to prevent putting their life on the line all in the name of nice body stature.

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Watch the video below;

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