Bride-To-Be Bachelorette Party Cake Cause A Huge Stir Online

A bride-to-be to be has decided to go wild at her bachelorette party before she finally walks down the aisle.

In a video that sprung up on the web, the lady who was given a masculinity molded cake was seen playing with it utilizing her tongue.

She also added that it was the only “food” she was going to “eat” for the rest of her life.

A lot of people who saw the video have bashed her for being immoral.

Others felt she went overboard with the whole bachelorette party theme.

For those who don’t know what it is, a bachelorette party, once claimed to be a “last hoorah” and final night of “freedom” for the bride —

serve as a way for the bride to connect and bond with the women in her bridal party, and give the opportunity for a well-deserved reprieve from the stresses of wedding planning.

Well, watch the video below :

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